CCBT Campus Anuradhapura

School of Teacher Training

The Department of Teacher Training is committed to nurturing the next generation of educators who play a vital role in shaping the future. Our programs emphasize pedagogical theories, practical teaching skills, and a deep understanding of educational psychology. Students engage in hands-on experiences through internships and teaching practicums, preparing them to excel in diverse educational settings. With a focus on fostering inclusive and student-centered learning environments, our department aims to produce skilled and compassionate educators who can make a positive impact on the lives of their students.

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Major Courses

Higher National Diploma in TESL

National Diploma in TESL (NVQ 5)

National Diploma in Preschool Teaching

Certificate in TESL

Certificate in Preschool Teaching

Certificate in Daycare Management

Short Course in Educational Psychology

Short Course in First Aid for Teachers

Short Course in Teaching Online